Targeted Brims

3D printing brims are good for making sure objects stay stuck to the bed, especially when there's a very small contact area or you're printing with certain materials like ABS.  But their downside is the time spent post processing afterwards to remove them, and it can affect the finish of the object.  

So a better approach is to design them in CAD and minimise how much brim you actually need. Only adding a 'brim' where its needed.

If you have an object with only a few layer lines touching the bed, then a traditional brim around the entire object is the obvious choice.  But the smarter approach is to use separate targeted thin circle brims that touch the object at its ends or key edges that will keep it pinned down.

You then reap the rewards of less time wasted printing brims and it's so much easier removing them afterwards.

This object has only 2 lines of filament touching the bed but the discs at each end keep them firmly anchored and stable as the print grows.

Designing the brim to be 1 or 2 layers thick is sufficient to get a good hold on the printer bed.