I started using vacuum bags with a manual pump but its hard work. The Airlock electric pump is really good but it'd would be awesome if it was faster.

So thought I'd have a go a building a more powerful vacuum pump.

In this build we construct a 3D printer filament spooling machine.

There was a shortage of white PLA filament recently so you could only buy 3 kilo spools.  I figured it'd be a fun project to build a machine to respool onto smaller spools, so here we go !

Learnt heaps from this build, aiming to build the bigger and better version next.

Solder helping hands are an awesome aid in the workshop.

Helping hand arms need to be flexible and precise so you can easily position objects. These 3D printed helping hands are easily configurable to have more arms or be longer with the round base focusing all the arms on the central work area.

Ran into a problem on my Ender 3 V2 with the Z axis not moving down when doing an Auto Home.

In this post we're going to build bicycle mudguards and test them out. They're not your standard mudguard design, so lets see if they really work.

We show how to make M2 T-Nuts which are great for attaching components to Voron 0 3D printers, to 1515 aluminium extrusion or even attach the Voron 0 case using the t-nuts.

Needed an enclosure to be able to print ABS in a higher temperature environment.  I put some thought into how to build it from scratch and this is the result.

This is a quick Ikea Hack to make a 3D printed wireless phone charger stand.

How to add a temperature display to the Voron 0.1 3D printer.

How to easily build a Heat Set Insert Press.  This tool makes it easier to accurately install heat set inserts.

A small bath to wash your linear rails in degreaser or isopropyl alcohol. 

You should always wash new linear rails to remove any anti-rust or dried grease on the rails.