3D Printed PC Gaming Microphone Boom

This gaming microphone boom arm allows you to position your microphone perfectly while keeping it clear of the desk work zone. It has a hidden channel for cable management to help keep your area tidy. All friction hinges are hand-tightening so you can easily make adjustments as necessary.

Microphones aren't light, the one in the picture weighs 1/2 a pound (260 grams), so to get great stability it uses an adjustable counterweight to balance out the microphone.

The microphone holder is suitable for microphones that have a 3/8" thread port. You can purchase a 5/8" adapter separately from other suppliers.

Please check that your microphone is compatible before purchasing.

This build requires a few metal parts:

The counterweight tube allows you to vary the weight by filling it with coins or fishing weights. Simply weigh your microphone then fill the counterweight tube with roughly the same weight. Doesn't have to be precise, the friction hinges lock everything in to place.

The STLs are available on Cults3D https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/freestanding-gaming-microphone-boom-stand